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  • Recreation Tourism

    Recreation Tourism

    Our services: Wellness tours Medical tours Family Tours Religious tours Business tours Honeymoon tours Exotic tours

    Əlavə edən: Recreation Tourism 18.04.2018 13:55
  • “Kaspi” High Schools

    “Kaspi” High Schools

    Middle School is working with Kaspi in 2014 with a branch in the village of Bakunjanov in the Sabunchinsk district. Apply to the Caspian Sea Education School in Beloye, the Caspian Sea Region, in the Khatinsky district of Baku in 2015, which is a part of the Caspian litse and high demand for crafts. In […]

    Əlavə edən: Kaspi Lyceum 1 16.04.2018 14:54
  • “Kaspi” Kindergarten

    “Kaspi” Kindergarten

    Kaspi Kindergarten has been operating since 2014. At present Kaspi Educational Company operates Kaspi Kindergarten White City branch, Bakikhanov branch, Ahmadli branch and Kaspi International Kindergarten. The garden’s mission is to lay the foundation for a future with a sound mind and high values. In the garden, a creative, healthy, and competitive environment is created […]

    Əlavə edən: Kaspi Lyceum 1 16.04.2018 14:54
  • The services of “OTV Media Group”

    The services of “OTV Media Group”

    To write business plans Branding works Professional fotosessions Full HD (4K) quality video capturing or editing Veb-hosting services Creating of web-sites Creating IOS & Android mobil applications SEO services

    Əlavə edən: OTV 17.02.2018 13:49

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